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Ancre 1

Tapisserie, 2015

Instalation in situ for the house of Japan at cité internationale universitaire de Paris.

Sawing birch tree i found in Finland. 

Dimension 60cmx2m.

Les arrangements en bois, 2016

Collages. Birch tree skin i found in Japan.

variable size.

Project metro of Kyoto, Japon. 2015


3 tapisseries of sawing wood skin i found in Japan. Exhibited in the corridor of the metro.


With the support of Takasago Japon industry of parfums & metro of kyoto company.




Les arrangements, 2014/2015


Série of céramique pieces. 

There are true it away by a fabric of ceramic because there are unwell made. Installation, Documents book and video.

Panoplie de rencontres, 2012-2015


This tapisserie is made of natural things i found, and some part of metal sculptures.


One(s), 2013
It is about a metaphoric and meditative work which allows me to reflect about the report space - time. To sew to the hand is a slow and silent process. Wooden shavings become the unit of measure of time.
I like the fact that they become precious because they are together connected.


The Boudoir of tears, on 2012
Installation constituted by gloves of white latexes and by hospital neon, where the visitor is invited to wash himself hands with a reproduction of my own hands in soap.


​Under the surface, 2012
It is about a sculpture in white cement consisted of a face containing some water. This part realizes a questioning on the identity. A perpetual collection of its inner self, and the image which the other one sends back to us.

Loveuse, 2011


Fauteuil de type "Loveuse".


Praises, on 2011
For this exhibition, I found interesting to create an installation which causes the doubt and calls upon the senses of the vision and the touch in a spiritual place.
I wanted that the visitor feels the justifiable need of touch of the air.


​​Capacity of exhaustion, 2011
This sculpture is the result of a process based on the evaporation. It is about a research on the reactions which causes the drying on the material, here some plaster, until the exhaustion of its shape.

Everything goes well, 2011
Installation in situ for the house of Japan in the university international city of Paris.
In reference to the Japanese said flower arranging "Ikebana", I took back the gesture of a hand which opens to symbolize the meeting of our two cultures.

Morgane  Joanin

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